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make me chooseelenaontop asked: johanna or finnick

They can’t hurt me. I’m not like the rest of you. There’s no one left I love.

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@SamClaflin Oh my God! Kim Kardashian said yes?! This is so unexpected. Kanye and Kim are totes getting married. My life is now complete…

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042 by fujita53

042 by fujita53

Because I can count on my fingers the number of sunsets I have left, and I don’t want to miss any of them.

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Happy Birthday to our kawaii manly deer, Luhan 

Data Loading. Data Loading.

[Location Found.]

Exo Planet. A planet that had been invaded by an unknown source. Twelve Survivors are said to have escaped and are currently residing in Earth. Earth Locations Unknown. Possess ability that are beyond human capabilities.

Must approach with care. [Code Red]

[Data Being Collected] Suho and Kris. Leaders of the twelve. Earth Location Unknown. Level Ten. Top Level. Water Manipulation and Flight. 

Four Level Nine. [Data Being Collected] Kai. Luhan. Baekhyun. Chanyeol. [Powers Being Loaded] Teleportation. Telekinesis. Light and Fire Phoenix. Earth Location Unknown.

Four Level Eight. Chen. D.O. Lay. Xiumin. [Powers Being Loaded] Lightning. Earth. Healing. Frost. Earth Location Unknown.

Two Level Seven. Tao. Sehun. Powers Unknown. Earth Location Unknown.

[Transmitting Data onto Computer]

Error. Error. Corruption in Files. Error. System Shutting Down. Corruption.

System Failure. Hacker unidentified.

Scanning Hacker. [Hacker Alias Name Collected]

[Loading] Kim Jongdae. [Source of Electricity/Appliance Unidentified.]

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Sehun pranking a serious Kris + eating his banana 

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Favorite 2ne1’s selcas